Got Questions?
Let's Answer Some!


How accurate is your data?

We work with the top data companies in the automotive space. We say it's “the best data money can buy…” On average we have a 38% conversion rate from our campaigns. That means that 38% of the cars we identify that recalls and communicate with their owners show up and get them fixed. True, convertions.

Do you have conquest data?

Yes we offer Conquest Data. We have the best data in the industry with an over 70% accuracy rate.

How long does it take to get set up?

We can have a store up and running in less than a week.

Where do you get your data?

We work with top data companies in the US. We use multiple sources for data that allow us to make sure we are providing the most accurate data possible. ​​We are focused on making sure that our customers get the most out of the data we provide. It isn't about how much data we provide, rather how actionable the data we provide ends up being for our customers.

We use data from our OEM, why would we use you?

Typically OEM programs are designed for you to focus on the recalls the OEM want you to focus on. This forces you to use data that may not provide the best ROI for your teams time and efforts. Also, the data isn't accurate, cleansed or updated. When talking with our customers who have used our tools VS their OEMs data they tell us that our data is much more usable and makes them far more money. When have found errors in the data, say the wrong phone number and have tried to get the OEM to update it, they do not. Also, lets be honest, do the OEMs really want you fixing recalls to make the most money you can for your store and your staff, probably not. Our companies entire mission is to provide our customers with usable data that they make the most money using it.

Do we get the data that you cleanse?

Yes, when we clean the data either from your DMS or the conquest data, you get it. You get all the info we find. All the vins with recalls and the contact info. It's your data and we think you should be able to have your team utilize it once we find out what we can about it.

What if I try your program and I am unhappy, am I stuck with you for months?

Nope! We are so confident that our tools will make you the most money in the industry that we offer our programs on a month to month basis. We just ask that if you are unhappy, first you let us try to fix what is wrong. If we can't we have a 15 day out and you can walk away.