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Cox Study, 1/3 of Owners Putting Off Service/Maintenance

Cox automotive study showing that over a 1/3 of consumer holding off on doing service or maintenance on their vehicles. What are dealerships doing to get vehicles into their service bays right now and keep their techs working?

We are incredibly for the customers who have chosen to work with us. We are even happy when we hear from them how our tool is helping them continue to have revenue in the service area and keep their staffs working. If you work for a dealership and would like to learn more about how we can help, please shoot me a note to my personal email,

We know how resilient the auto industry is and are confident we will make it through these tough times. We have been amazed to watch how dealers are working together during this pandemic and trying to figure out how to help each other get through this! hashtag#autoindustry hashtag#autodealershashtag#dealership hashtag#cardealership hashtag#automotivehashtag#automarketing hashtag#automotiverecallshashtag#helpingdealersmakeitthrough

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