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Do you use a valet service to help get recalls in your shop?

One of the struggles with getting recalls in and repaired for dealers is customers not "having time" to bring their cars in.

The struggle is how as a dealer do you make it easy and convenient for your customers to bring their cars in for service/recall repairs but also not take your employees away from their core jobs to be a driver and also facilitate a good customer experience.

One question our dealer partners often ask us is if we know of any good "valet company" out there. I know there are several startups trying to tackle this problem for dealers. It is an interesting problem to try and solve with unique technology that helps make the process efficient for the dealer and the customer as well as provide a consistent experience for the customer.

Several of our customers work with valet partners to help facilitate getting other dealers' cars in to fix their recalls. These dealers see the cost of the valet service as a necessary expense to get the recalls in and fix in a timely manner for the other dealers. It is a win-win for both dealers. One gets the revenue for fixing the recall and the other gets a better car to sell to consumers.

We would love to hear other dealers feedback on if they are using valet companies to get cars into the service areas. Please reach out and let us know good/bad.

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