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Exciting new offering!

Recall on cars in the US is a HUGE issue. 1 in 4 cars or 60million vehicles in the US has a recall. That means on any given dealerships used inventory, there could be 20-30% of their cars with Recalls. If those recalls are from another brand, they can not fix them. So what does a dealer do? How do they solve this issue? How do they make the most profit by offering consumers the best product possible?

RecallRabbit is exciting to announce our latest offering, RecallFree. We are taking our expertise in helping dealers make money on recalls and now offering it up to help dealerships with their internal process. Many dealers tell us they want to figure out a way to better address recalls on their own used inventory as well as figure out how to help other dealers get recalls fixed on their used inventory.

We took all that feedback and decided we could help. We are now offer consulting services to dealers to help them create a process to make sure that they get their used inventory RecallFree.

This program will dive into the stores inventory, staffing, and help build out a process to get inventory RecallFree. Making your inventory the best in the market and worth the most money to consumers.

If a dealership wants to forgo using our tool and manually find cars with recalls on them, with our new program RecallFree we will help them set up the most efficient process to identify cars for sale at other stores with recalls, get them into the bays, and make money.

If you are a dealer looking to provide the best inventory to your customers and need help setting up the process, reach out to us!

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