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One Simple Thing Can Make You and Your Dealership $1,000's!!!

How would an extra $64,000 in profit in the service department last month affect your dealership? By not doing one simple thing one of our customers literally left $64,250 on the table last month. Don't let this happen to your team!

In November we had a new dealership join the RecallRabbit family. At month's end, we put together reporting to show the ROI of our product. We match back RO data to see what vehicles we messaged came in and had their recalls repaired. We say that they had a great month! hey had 51 Ro's generated from our campaign with a profit of just under $26,000.

Whenever we have a new customer finish their first month we make sure that we dig deep into the first month's reporting. Just to make sure everything we are seeing and showing is accurate. When I was looking over the data for this dealership something huge jumped out at me.

Even though they had a great month they missed out on a GIANT month by missing one step in their process.

This was a BIG learning lesson for them and for us.

When we dug into the data there were an additional 250 customers who we messaged that came in and had their cars worked on in the Month of November. What we realized is that these customers also didn't have their recalls fixed on their vehicles.

The BIG learning lesson is, CHECK EVERY VIN TO SEE IF IT HAS A RECALL when a customer comes into service. All of these cars could have easily had the recall fixed at the time the car was at the dealership. The customer would have not had to wait for their vehicle any longer than they did. The recall just wasn't addressed and done.

The average profit from the repair of this specific recall was $257. That means this dealership missed out on generating an additional $64,250 profit in the month of November!

Not sure about your business but I know for sure at RecallRabbit we could have really used an additional $64K in profits in November!

If you are a service manager, GM, or Fixed Ops Director take 2 minutes to tell your team this story during your next staff meeting. Make sure everyone knows how important it is to CHECK THE VIN TO SEE IF THE CAR HAS A RECALL! Guessing that commissions on that $64,000 sure could have made some people Christmas.

Ok, now for the salesy stuff. What is your process for getting customers with recalls into your store? With a well-thought-out process, recalls can help dealers grow their customer base, help with retention/CSI, increase their average RO $'s and make HUGE profits.

We would love to talk with you about your process. Even if you think, "Hey, my team is great. I am sure we are doing everything possible..." Set up a call. Worst-case scenario you help your team learn something new they can add to their awesome process. Best case, you realize there is a ton of money out there in your market waiting for you to grab it.

Click the link, set up a 15-minute call with our team to go over your process, tell you a little about what we do and see if we can help you drive more customers into service, make more per RO and make more money over the next 12 months.

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