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Ready For Loss Of Revenue During The Holidays?

With the holidays coming there will be a natural slowdown in business. What is your plan to capture more / new revenue during the slowdown?

We have one word for you, RECALLS!

Recalls are a great way to get customers into the service area. There are huge benefits to using a recall message to communicate with customers.

1 - Getting older customers back in the store. DEMAutomotive found that dealers lose an average of 60-78% of revenue on three to six-year-old cars and 82-92% of revenue for cars more than seven years old. Using a recall message to communicate with customers that have older vehicles, outside of warranty, is a great way to reengage with your customer base.

2 - Make more per RO. In a COX Automotive study, 83% of dealership service customers have said that they would be willing to pay for additional work on their vehicle when coming in to get their recalls repaired.

3 - More ROs. On average our customers see 56 new ROs every month on our program. With the average RO being over $479 that is an average of $26,875 NEW PROFIT each month or over $300,000 a year!

4 - New Service Customers. With a well-crafted message to people whose cars have recalls you can attract new customers to the dealership. If you think about it most messaging to a consumer from a car dealership is "come spend money with us!". A recall message is a much more positive message to send to a potential customer. "We want to help you and your family be safe by fixing a known issue with your car at NO COST to you..." Our average customers see that 10%-14% of the traffic we send them is conquest customers.