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Strange times in the country and the auto industry, Covid-19

Covid-19 and how the auto industry is going to make it through this!

I know this is not news to anyone but we are in uncharted waters as a country and industry! Over the next 2-3 months, things are going to be tight on the sales side of the house.

I keep seeing all these posts from technology companies in the auto space talking about "helping" dealers with customers buying cars remotely. It is great to see people thinking of new ways to serve customers. I think this is great and the industry will be in a better place after this Corona outbreak if those tools/skills are out in the dealer world. But let's be honest, buying a new car is not going to be at the top of consumers minds right now. It is making sure they are safe, their families are safe, that they have food and supplies to get through these crazy times.

Dealerships WILL need to look at new ways to generate revenue. We want to do our part to help dealerships during these crazy times. RecallRabbit does just that by mining NON-CONSUMER REVENUE and getting it into the dealer's service area. It's a WIN-WIN-WIN for the dealer fixing the recall, the other dealer and the future buyer.

This is a time when our industry needs to work together to get to the other side of this. We know we aren't going to be able to replace the revenue that is going to be lost over the next few months but we are confident our product will help drive revenue into the service side of dealers and help techs have work.

The industry will thrive after this national crisis...we want to help dealers position themselves to be at the forefront of the recover.

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