How our Technology Helps Dealers

Untapped and Unique Revenue Opportunity


Our dynamic programs provide you unique, untapped revenue opportunities with a clear ROI.  Get that car in your bay, fix it, make money!  It is that simple!  Did we mention HUGE ROI!?

Four simple plans to choose from 
Fast Turnaround
Huge ROI

Simple Pricing! 

Our promise, If we don't deliver, you don't pay, ask about our pricing guarantee.

Slow and Steady

This program is designed to help you grab untapped Recall revenue at a steady pace throughout the month.   We find used vehicles sitting at other stores around your dealership that have recalls on them.


We give you everything you need to get the recall in the shop.


With this package, you will have MARKET EXCLUSIVITY.  You will be the only OEM in your market that we will sign up with the RecallRabbit product.


You will receive a Minimum of 10 Recalls a week 40 a month - Over $10K ROI Potential

$699/Month + $175 Set Up

The Hare

Hyper-Targeted, Multi-Channel Digital Marketing to Consumers with High ROI Recall.


We take a hyper-targeted look at your DMS data and find High ROI recalls.  Then we digitally connect with those customers to drive them into your service area.  


This is a turnkey program.  We provide everything you need.  We provide the creative and do all the heavy lifting.


Consumers show up in your scheduler, at the store and you just make money!


Huge ROI and great retention tool.

$750/Per Campaign

The Briar Patch

You want it all?  


You want to own your back yard for recalls on other dealer's lots AND you want to dive into your own DMS Data as well for high ROI Recalls?


This bundle gives you 360-degree coverage for recalls.  

-The Slow and Steady Program

-The Hare (One Campaign Per Month)

$1,250/Month + $175 Set Up

Best Value!