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Our Technology Is Better for Dealers!

Our program helps dealers make more money each month on recalls than any other program!

How about an extra $20K, $30K, or $50K a month in recall revenue?!?!

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We provide everything you need. We provide the creative and do the heavy lifting. Consumers show up in your scheduler, at the store and you make money!

Here is what the Hare gives you...

Hyper targeted look at dealers DMS to find specific model with high ROI. 
Email blast to all customers with the recall out of the 4,000
Week 1: 1st email to all 3k contacts that have a recall.
               -24 hrs later a follow-up email to all "non-openers"
Week 2: 2nd email to all of the 3k contacts with recalls
               (minus any who have come in for repairs)
Week 4: 3rd email to all 3k contacts with recalls
               (minus any who have come in for repairs)
               -24 hrs later a follow-up email to all "non-openers"

High ROI Recall - One Search Per Month (Up to 4,000 Vins*) 
A/I Texting
24 Hours after the first email blast goes out our
Texting A/I tool will reach out to customers having a conversation with them to get them into the
service area.
Creative -
    A detailed explanation of recall and why it's 
     important to bring it in to the dealership.

US Mail to all non-openers 
Week 3: Physical US Mail to all email "non-openers" 
All campaign reporting and data 
One Campaign Per Month 
Standard Price: $2,250/Month
One Time DMS Deep Dive: $495
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